Our Story

Educating AMY began with Holly, her husband Ash, merging their two families, having two children, and a combined love of Science.

Holly is a science nerd; she has degrees in Medical Sciences; after becoming a parent, everything changed. She became infatuated with the science behind early childhood development. Something wasn't adding up, though. After inevitably ending up with many toys, there was a nagging feeling that they were actually pulling her little one's concentration into too many directions. After delving deeper, Holly realized that recent research did, in fact, confirm this. Fewer toys equated to increased creativity and length of play. It then dawned on her that when her home was cluttered, she could not focus, so how on earth could her toddler focus with so much toy clutter!

She became obsessed with questions such as: Why couldn't we teach our kids with toys that matter, toys that prepare them for the future in a holistic way, toys that keep our houses clean and organized, and most importantly, toys that actually bring a positive change in someone else's life as well.

This problem gave conception to the idea of bringing toys to children that were grounded in the latest scientific research and minimalism. It gave conception to the idea of bringing Quiet Books into the mainstream. It gave conception to bringing the latest in early childhood development to parents. It gave conception to the idea of finding ways to end poverty and bring education to children in need.

This is why our books are grounded in the latest scientific research. We are forming partnerships with organizations and scientific bodies to bring you content on early brain development. Holly also wanted to create a strong social ethos built into our company's very DNA, which is why we bring education to girls with no access in rural India.

This was the birth of Educating AMY, where AMY actually stands for "All, Me and You."

Buy less, but with purpose.

From our family to yours.

Holly, Ash, Leela & Kiara xo