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We are obsessed with child development, it fascinates us and is always the foundation behind all of our products. Each of our products have been carefully created for your little scientist, for every developmental step, to help challenge, encourage and inspire your little genius.

We are on a humble mission to minimize Poverty

Make social impact of ending poverty by providing education to girls in need

1 Book = 1 Girl’s Education

“To educate girls is to reduce poverty.”

- Kofi Anan

Education opens up the door for our children to achieve their dreams. For many however, particularly girls, they can’t even dream of education. Their families remain stuck in the end-less cycle of poverty. This is why we are on a humble mission to send these girls to school. Our goal is to break this cycle. When giving a girl access to education, she has hope, she has opportunity, but most importantly she has substance in her dreams.

That's why, when you educate your child with our book, you also educate a girl in India and send her to school.

Let’s make an impact together!

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